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Your BC Portal

This is where to go to see all your BuildChorus resources, like your connected firms, user profile and your own portal board.

Public BC Board

The public BC Board, anyone can see material and task adverts in their area.

BC App Beta - in testing

BuildChorus' construction management web application.

The BuildChorus app is extensive


Take from an established building template or create your own. BuildChorus organises and streamlines contracting timelines, Eradicating the mess.


Invoices can be handled automatically...
whilst still giving you fine-grain control.

Employee management

Employees have a place on BuildChorus too.
We manage the admin for your workforce for you.

Materials and inventory

Time spent waiting for materials is often time-wasted. Keep your material stocks forecasted and organised with us.

Cloud based

No need to download.
BuildChorus takes advantage of modern cloud-based technologies.

Constantly evolving

We take our lead from contractors in deciding the direction of the software.

Much more

Our dedicated development team are always adding new features to help your contracting business become more efficient and profitable.

The BuildChorus Board is invaluable

Saves money on spare material

Allows spare material on site to be advertised rather than thrown away!

Connects builders through work

Hosts a network of builders advertising and finding jobs in the area.

Much more

The more the board is used, the more useful it becomes. So, go ahead and give it a go.

Slashing Pricing

Its either free.. or cheap as sand

BuildChorus Board


  • View adverts
  • Post adverts (requires user account)
  • Bid for adverts (requires user account)

BuildChorus App


While in beta testing, the app is free. Contact us with the form below to request free access to the beta version.

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